Music at The Islay Inn

Live Band :: Friday & Saturday

We have live bands every Friday and Saturday night. Mostly the bands play traditional Scottish and Irish music but you do get some American classics and a few chart song played as well, such bands include Crooked reel, Parting glass, Pneumatic drills and the Keelies.

Event Calendar

January 2020
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Category: Live BandBad Influence

Bad Influence

Category: Live BandTwist of Fate

Twist of Fate

Category: Live BandMooki


Category: Live BandTaylor Sesions

Taylor Sesions

Category: Live BandThe Keelies

The Keelies

Category: Live BandBrosKat


Category: Live BandTaylor Sessions

Taylor Sessions

Category: Live BandCrooked Reel

Crooked Reel

Category: Live BandThe Raggaels

The Raggaels

Category: Live BandMooki


Category: Live BandThe Scoundrels

The Scoundrels